Video messages are fast becoming a popular way of adding something extra for special occasions.

Video Tips

1) Video in landscape and ensure nobody’s face is near any edges

2) Video in good lighting

3) The first take is usually the best, cute imperfections are entertaining and will make the recipient/s smile and laugh.

4) Ensure a plain background with no identifying information/photos/addresses etc.


By sending me your video/photo you consent to it being uploaded onto YouTube (to be found by the link only) and the link being emailed to the designated recipient and other video participants.

Video messages are a fun and entertaining way of letting family and friends know just how special they are and how much they are appreciated.

The video is emailed to you for approval and once you are happy with it, it uploaded onto YouTube with a link sent to you, the recipient and other participants. If needed the video can be uploaded onto a USB stick so the recipient can watch it on their TV.

All videos are emailed to me. I compile them all together into a fully edited video with music overlay and opening/closing text.

Ideal for occasions such as:

– Weddings

– Birthdays

– Christmas

– Work Leaver

– Thank you

– Baby Showers


Videos are normally ready within 7 days. They can be uploaded onto YouTube if preferable and with everyone’s permission. They will not be searchable on YouTube and can only be viewed via the link.


The price is £1 for each message to be included in the video compilation and 50p per photo, the minimum fee is set at £10. 


Complete the contact form to discuss your requirements.


15 + 2 =


I have been blown away with the amazing comments and feedback from my videos so far.

“What a lovely video. It has brought tears to my eyes!”

“Thank you so much, what a lovely video to keep and let the teachers know just how brilliant they all are.”

“This is brilliant! Thank you for putting this together.”

“Thank you for this wonderful video!!! It does make your heart melt🌟!”

“Ahh thanks again for doing this Nichola! It’s such a lovely video! And so nice to see so many happy, smiley faces when there may not be as much to smile about at the minute ❤️ xx”

‘Thank you to all the children and families in the community for your heart-warming video, it has truly made my day.”

“It’s just simply, truly, AMAZING!!! What an incredible video. How you have coordinated so many messages is incredible! Thank you so much! It’s going to really make their spirits reach the sky!”

“Well done what an amazing video!
The Headteacher approached me today in the playground to pass on message through FB the staff have watched the video today and were in tears and overwhelmed
She said thankyou to everyone involved she was really speechless overwhelmed and in tears of emotion well done Nicola xxx”

“I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the messages in the video are to hear and see. Such genuine, heartfelt good wishes. It makes me feel proud to know and be part of a supportive community of children and parents. I was left somewhat emotional but definitely beaming with pride. Thank you all.”

“Thank you so much! 😘 What an amazing video you have put so much work into this, which we are grateful for.”

“This is amazing Nichola and made me cry 😊… thank you so much for all your hard work on this, it’s brilliant. 💕 Xxx”

“I’m not gonna lie, that made me a bit emotional xx”